Sarah Fassold



THE nature is also OUR nature. How nature works is also how we work.

If we can understand the structures of the nature around us, we can understand ourselves too. And about nature itself… to me it is impossible to photograph nature. We can get close to it and always find new ways to express it.



When we are truly beautiful, we don’t require a lot from our world. Aesthetic derives from the Greek Word aisthētikós, wich means”perceptive, sensitive, pertaining to sensory perception”. I believe that when an entity reflects sensibility, a heightened perceptive capability, we often judge it as beautiful.

I trust in moral beauty, conveying the essence of us as single out-crops of nature and at the same time as whole universes. Real beauty to me is truth, rather than ideas of conventional standardisations. Aesthetic lies in what we look up to, what we desire deep within our hearts. It’s found in places we want to discover. This basic spirit for adventure in every human being, the need to find out about and discover something new, it continues to exist until death. And so we strive for beauty. And so we may walk in beauty.

I am hungry to see beautiful things, to hear beautiful sounds, to feel deeper sensations. To learn, to be fascinated and surprised on a continual basis.



Photography is my connecting point between imagination, memory and the physical world, between inside and outside. It’s about how I see the world and how I interact with it. And Styles are there to distinguish ourselves from others. My style is about to be shaped and I allow it to evolve over the course of my life.



I believe in AI and that by combining future and nature we might be able to move towards a more naturalistic future.. .. while living in a very futuristic nature.

There is so much unnecessary movement in this world, wich could be reduced by stillness. Re-thinking a way before we move and looking for solutions closer to where we are at the moment can help our planet. 



I believe in timelessness. Free of hype, resting unshakable inside ourselves and working on the outside from the inside. And sometimes on the inside without the outside. I find it supremely important to communicate our passing of time and how we as individuals experience life. It seems more important than constantly trying to keep up with the times.  



Constantly trying to understand the world keeps my Impetus on the move.



Subjects like Global Warming, Plant Medicines, Psychedelics, and Spiritual Rituals, Cymatics, Philosophy, Neuroscience, Meditations on the Future, Life after Death and all things Nature are my favourite topics to reflect on.



I believe in a source of pure white light, that connects everyone with everything. Sometimes I wonder if this is merely a vision of and end by an atom bomb. What if we all died together, are we then unified as a soup of new particles, shaping a new world full of growing organisms and new consciousness? A new ‘Big Bang’, another ‘May there be Light’, another beginning after the end. Believing in infinity I thrive on the phenomenon of light and the fact that there is always more to discover. 


As there is no one way to describe the world and I am not married to my viewpoints, so I will re-work and develop this Manifesto over the time given to me.